Hey! Task Force Rad Squad #5 is now up on ComiXology! Buy it or you might die cold and alone regretting not giving us your money. Did we say “might”? Because we meant “definitely,” for sure. <3 Buster and Caleb

Task Force Rad Squad #5

Task Force Rad Squad #5

Cover by: Buster Moody
Art by: Buster Moody
Pencils: Buster Moody
Inks: Buster Moody
Colored by: Buster Moody
Lettered by: Buster Moody
Colored by: Ludwig Olimba
Written by: Caleb Goellner
Price: $1.99

The Task Force Rad Squad teens confront the horrors of texting-while-doing-anything, plus Kate the Blue Fighter samples agency life with her first big internship. WHO WILL LIVE? WHO WILL DIE? WHO AM I???

Buy now on comiXology!

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