In the Year 2000(and 15)

Task Force Rad Squad 3 Preview
Task Force Rad Squad #3 Preview

Mega Ups to Robot6 for giving us serious love in this, the most 15-est of 2000s!

Task Force Rad Squad #3 is out in March at Planet Comicon, where Buster and I will be tabling as usual! Oh, and #4 will be out a few months later! WHOOOoooaaaaa! It’ll be online on Gumroad, all pay-what-you-like as usual, too.

Go get a look at the first three pages over at R6!

You can also see what Buster is up to this year at R6, along with MEE — including a preview of our upcoming Dark Horse Presents story “Slothed in Space”! That’s three R6es for the price of none!



We’ll be at table M-10 at Portland’s Rose City Comic Con on Sept. 20 and 21 with a special appearance by Jim Gibbons, who has a new comic out with Caleb called Birch Squatch #1! It’s extra serendipitous because the TFRS team has been working on something cool with Jim to be announced in the not-too-distant future!


Task Force Rad Squad Rose City Map 2014
Task Force Rad Squad Rose City Map 2014



‘Task Force Rad Squad’ #2 Print Copies Now Available To Order Online

Big Cartel Task Force Rad Squad

Hey! Print copies of Task Force Rad Squad #2 are now available in our Big Cartel shoppe. We’ll be at a few more cons selling them this fall, but now’s the chance to grab ’em through the WEB!

Right now Buster is in the midst of drawing TFRS #3. Wy-Zard willing, we’ll have it done by the end of the summer (along with something else that we can’t wait to tell you about). WOOOO!

Print Copies Now Available at Zanadu Comics In Seattle!


We’re stoked to announce that you can now pick up TFRS #1 and 2 at Seattle’s Zanadu Comics, which is located at 1923 3rd Ave, Seattle, Washington 98101.

Here’s the full skinny, straight from their site.

Zanadu is an awesome shop, so it’s awesome to be on the shelves.


TFRS 2 Blog

Task Force Rad Squad #2 is now available on Gumroad.

Like  #1, this all new issue is pay-what-you-like for a Zip file containing a PDF, a CBR and a CBZ.

Print copies will be available starting this Friday at Planet Comicon in Kansas City at table 943. Our BigCartel shop will have ’em shortly after that.


Planet Comicon Map TFRS


We can’t thank you guys enough for all of the support you’ve given us this past year. Response has been huge and we owe it all to YOU spreading the word.


If you can’t make Planet Comicon, we’ll be at Emerald City Comicon at table F-08 March 28-30 and at C2E2 April 25-27.